Counselling for Children and Teens

Dr. Matheson is a child psychologist and child counsellor in Ottawa. Dr. Matheson provides counselling services to children, teens and families struggling with a wide variety of developmental, mental health and family systems challenges. Matheson Psychology offers a comfortable and private setting on beautiful Granville Island that facilitates an open and supportive environment for children, teens and parents to feel heard, validated and understood. Dr. Matheson provides evidence based therapeutic counselling that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual child, parent and family. We also offer family counselling services to support families going through separation and divorce. Among other topics, Dr. Matheson provides counselling for child anxiety, peer problems, self-esteem, ADHD symptoms, and school challenges.

If you believe that your child could benefit from counselling services, you are invited to book a free 15-minute telephone consultation or parent-only initial session with Dr. Matheson.

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