Teen & Child Therapy – Matheson Psychology

Dr. Adrienne Matheson is a Child Psychologist in Ottawa. Dr. Matheson supports children, teens, parents, and families struggling with a wide variety of developmental, emotional and mental health challenges. We provide ongoing individual counselling to help children grow and learn from difficult events or circumstances in their lives. Among other therapeutic strategies, Dr. Matheson employs cognitive behavioural tools to support children experiencing challenges including ADHD symptoms, peer problems child anxiety, and academic concerns.

Dr. Matheson also uses EMDR to support children that have experienced a trauma in order to help children regain control of their thoughts and behaviours associated with a traumatic event. Trauma can be large, obvious and significant as well as seemingly insignificant and not understood.

If you think your child could benefit from individual therapy, please book an appointment or 15 min consultation online today to discuss further with Dr. Matheson.

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